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Seminars 2014

Please click on the image for a seminar brochure including registration form.
Please click on the image for a seminar brochure including registration form.

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding

Purpose of the seminar:

The seminar is designed to review the latest research and developments in ultrasonic plastic welding. The attendee will learn how to utilize ultrasonic welding for the assembly of plastic components and materials. A major focus will be on maximizing weld quality and consistency. All attendees are encouraged to bring their samples and/or drawings for consultation and discussion.

Who Should Attend:

  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Design Engineers
  • Machine operators
  • Quality Management officer
  • Production Engineers


Aims and content
9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
The seminar is split in five modules

  • Understand the ultrasonic welding process.
    How are ultrasonic vibrations created? What factors
    influence the process? How does the machine respond?
    How do the process parameters influence the weld?

  • Understand the ultrasonic welding machine.
    What are the components and systems of an ultrasonic
    welder? How does the machine trigger the ultrasonic
    welding process? What quality windows are available?

  • Design a part for ultrasonic welding.
    What are the principles of a correct joint design? What joint
    designs are proven? How are joint designs customized
    and made part specific? How does material influence the
    process? Which plastic materials can be welded?

  • Learn other applications. Discuss your application.
    Staking & Swaging, Cut & Seal, Spot Welding, Embedding
    of Inserts, Membrane welding, Embossing.

  • Set up an ultrasonic weld.
    Setup a new weld program. Assemble an ultrasonic stack.
    Calculate initial amplitude and weld forces. Setup and
    leveling of a fixture. Adjust the machine height and stroke.
    Optimize weld process parameters, establish a force
    profile and improve welding quality.

Price $ 275.00 for one day seminar.


2014 Seminars

Timetable Date Location
January - March 01/28/14 Bartlett, IL
  02/25/14 Mexico City, MEX
April - June 05/13/14 Atlanta, SC
  05/06/14 Irvine, CA
  05/20/14 Columbus, OH
  06/17/14 Bartlett, IL
July - September 07/22/14 Irvine, CA
  08/19/14 Mexico City, MEX
  09/16/14 Boston, MA
October - December 10/21/14 Columbus, OH
  11/11/14 Bartlett, IL