Ultrasonic welding
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Ultrasonic welding means joining without adhesives, screws or heat from an outside source. During this process, plastics are strategically melted by means of ultrasonic vibrations so that a cohesive or form-fit joint is produced. As economic production method with short cycle times, ultrasonic welding ensures a large degree of process control and repeatable quality results.

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Our ULTRASONIC ENGINEERING for your project success

What makes us different? Our extensive consulting and support until your productions runs successfully! Together with our reliable Herrmann products we provide a large number of services for integration of the ultrasonic process into your assembly. This includes ultrasonic laboratory services, series and module integration solutions and special requirements.

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Successful 2015

CEO Thomas Herrmann was happy to report a very positive company performance at the biannual info gathering for all employees. Likewise to the previous four years all sales goals will be met and the overall milestone of 50 million exceeded for the first time.

Successful 2015

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