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Donation given by the wvib member companies for round table for refugee affairs

Herrmann Ultraschall was asked to name this year’s recipient of the wvib donation. The company chose an organization close by their German headquarters, the “Round Table Asylum and Refugee Tasks Karlsbad” – a joint effort by volunteers and the city of Karlsbad to provide critical relieve to refugees.

The wvib (Freiburger Wirtschaftsverbandes Industrieller Unternehmen Baden e.V.) is an association networking companies in the Black Forest area. At their annual general meeting with 500 attendees, Michael Nowotny as representative of the Round Table received a check of € 12.500. CEO Thomas Herrmann and PR officer Astrid Herrmann of Herrmann Ultraschall were delighted about the sizeable donation given by the wvib member companies for this burning issue. The money is intended for hiring a staff person coordinating all refugee related tasks. In addition, Herrmann Ultraschall’s Christmas donation 2015 will also go towards the refugee relieve work of the city of Karlsbad, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.