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An additional 7.600 qm will be built bringing up the total floor space to 17.100 qm. This is the third building expansion since 2000 and already making an impression: total costs are planned at 15 million euro, 35.000 tons of earth will be excavated and 6.500 tons of building materials will be used.

Over the course of the last 7 years Herrmann Ultraschall has successfully grown and in 2016 doubled revenues to 67 million euro. With growing markets and a good strategy the outlook is positive: the company plans to hire 70 – 100 new employees over the next 5 years.

Thinking local but acting global is the commitment: a total of 25 locations in 19 countries ensure that consulting, service and quality add up for all major markets. 300 people work at the German Headquarters in Karlsbad and an additional 70 in the headquarters based in the US, Japan and China.

BNN 02/2017 – Mehr Produktionsfläche für 15 Mio. Euro
PZ 02/2017– Platz für weitere 100 Arbeitsplätze