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Start with ultrasonic welding of non-ferrous metals

Are you welding metals ultrasonically? Not happy with your weld quality or operational life time of your weld tools/sonotrodes? Looking for a more powerful generator?

Visit us this November at Productronica and talk our experts! We have been the technology leader for ultrasonic welding for over 50 years and now we start with ultrasonic welding of non-ferrous metals. Become part of our Design-Thinking-Process for the perfect ultrasonic metal welder. Your input is highly appreciated!

For decades we have set technological benchmarks like the first fully digital generator and complete process visualization. Utmost customer benefit has always been our goal. We are known for delivering the best application solutions and are now present in 19 countries with 25 locations. Many global players from industries like automotive, electronics and medical are among our customers.

Meet us at Productronica