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Ultrasonic-seminars 2018

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With the help of the MULTICELL concept, small multi-head applications can be easily implemented. In general, the plastic parts to be welded are loaded directly below the sonotrodes. A shuttle table can be optionally integrated for improved handling. This modular concept is particularly suitable for 20 kHz applications with sound insulation and can be customized by installation of a large number of accessory options. The compact design and high degree of mobility allows for universal application in manufacturing.

H-frame press

The solid machine design with profile steel frame structure is the basis for integration of multi-head tools. Equipment with up to 16 ultrasonic generators allows for cycle time-optimized process sequences in one processing station. The weld tools are moved far up by means of a pneumatically operated H-frame so that large-volume plastic components can be comfortably loaded in the work station. Additional solutions are available for quick and safe tool change.

Shuttle table

The shuttle table is characterized by an operating area that is separated from the insert station. The plastic parts to be welded can thus be optimally loaded into the equipment. Thanks to good accessibility, assembly and loading tasks can be easily performed. Can optionally be designed with one or more work stations. If several operating positions are approached, this is performed by means of a freely programmable linear drive. In this way, weld tasks can be divided into individual process steps. Tool change systems are available as options.

Rotary table

Rotary table machines are used for applications that involve production of large quantities in a cycle time-optimized manner. The machine design allows for dividing the application into several process steps. The number of operating stations depends on the respective task. Individual operating steps are performed in the different stations within the work space simultaneously with loading in the insert area. Indexed tool change is optionally possible.

Rigid tooling

Optimal machine design for 20 kHz applications for which the joining process must be precisely performed by several sonotrodes in a single weld process. The rigid sonotrode support is realized by means of individual alignment modules and allows for accurate positioning even with large weld forces. Contrary to conventional designs, the weld stroke is performed by the anvil. The plastic parts to be welded are moved against the stationary sonotrodes. It is thus possible to obtain machine cycle times of less than 10 seconds.

Special designs

Special designs are realized by combination of up to 80% of standardized sub-assemblies. This avoids high-cost special designs. The use of reliable components, modules, and devices that are in stock results in a considerable advantage in terms of time. In this way it is possible to realize customer specifications much faster. The design principle: Customized machines - modular, simple, and reliable.