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Which materials can be welded using ultrasonics?

Is a sealing layer required, respectively how thick should it be?

Is it possible to seal mono materials?

Can two different materials be sealed together?

Does the film experience shrinkage due to ultrasonic sealing?

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Ultrasonic sealing method for packaging materials 

You can book us! Courses are held at Herrmann Ultraschall, at your premises, or in one of our global Tech-Centers.
Seminar appointments by request.


Objectives and contents

  • Basic principles of ultrasonic sealing
  • Components of an ultrasonic sealing system
  • Focusing of energy: seam shapes and anvil profiles
  • Packaging materials: requirements and special features
  • Application optimization

Due to the corona situation, there are currently no on-site seminars. Alternatively we offer webinars.

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Target groups

Who schould attend:

  • Product packaging companies
  • Machine manufacturers
  • Film manufacturers
  • Application specialists
  • Design engineers
  • Operators

All attendees are encouraged to bring their materials and/or drawings for consultation and discussion. Principle testing may be possible and is dependent on how much time is available.


8.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. / 12.00 p.m. – 1.00 p.m. lunch break

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Company profile Herrmann Ultraschall
  • Ultrasonic basics
    - Fundamentals
    - Definitions
  • Ultrasonic welding system
    - Key elements of standard machines
    - Components
    - Force supply
  • Focusing energy
    - Energy director
    - Weld seam design
    - Part design
  • Setting up applications
    - Calculating ultrasonic stack, amplitude and weld force
    - Levelling application
    - Initial parameters
  • Weld process
    - Functional diagram
    - Weld modes
    - Parameters and limits
    - Weld graph interpretation
  • Materials, influences and conditions
  • Applications
    - Welding
    - Riveting
    - Swaging
    - Embedding
    - Inserting
    - Core applications
  • Hands-on in the ultrasonic lab plastics
  • Q & A session

Customized workshops

As a special service we can offer in house workshops and at you site, specifically catered to your requirements. Theoretical knowledge is hands-on combined with current applications and new research.

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