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Astrid Herrmann

Astrid Herrmann

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Entérese de por qué debería utilizar la soldadura por ultrasonido o de cuáles son los factores decisivos al momento de elegir ultrasonidos. Conozca los testimonios de los clientes

Un escaparate para la innovación.

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This way to the basics

Ultrasonic welding of plastic material – Sohei Fukai, General Manager at Herrmann Ultrasonics Japan welcomed 12 participants from key industries such as automotive or consumer for the first basics seminar held at the Japanese HQ of Herrmann Ultraschall near Tokyo.

In addition to the theoretical part, practical demonstrations were given at the in-house application laboratory with HiQ DIALOG and HiQ VARIO welding machines. Participants were most enthusiastic about pushing the start button themselves cutting their pastries by using an ultrasonic cutting sonotrode.

What is a perfect, reproducible welding result? Is it really strong and tight? There was a lively discussion during the “hands-on” session at the lab about the numerous advantages of the ultrasonic welding technology.

Networking and successful training with interested participants in Japan.

Next seminar date: Friday, June 17th , 2016!