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Astrid Herrmann

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It is the third extension of the family company in Karlsbad, Germany, since the year 2000 and the second cooperation with the construction company Harsch Bau GmbH & Co.KG from Bretten, Germany. The numbers are impressive: 35,000 tons of earth were moved and 7,000 tons of prefabricated concrete components were installed. Four out of the 22 million investment go into new machinery and equipment to increase production capacity. In addition, solar modules were installed on all roof surfaces in order to produce a part of the required energy in the future.

"We have not only expanded, we have also completely modernized all existing buildings according to the latest standards," says CEO Thomas Herrmann. "Because it is also the" soft factors "such as modern workplaces and sustainability initiatives that count today when it comes to recruiting people", the CEO continues. The company provides its employees with two electric cars to try out free e-mobility. Four charging stations are available, also for customers. By joining the WIN Charta of Baden-Württemberg (Sustainability Initiative) last April, the company is voluntarily committing to more sustainability, which is now an important factor for all stakeholder groups. Working groups especially on employee well-being have been founded. The focus is on topics such as working time models and work-life balance.

Strategically the company wants to strengthen the German production location while at the same time expanding globally. 24 locations in 18 countries ensure that consultation, service and delivery quality are excellent in all main markets. Over the past 8 years, Herrmann Ultraschall has grown considerably and more than doubled its sales to 82 million. The number of employees increased by more than half to 420 at the German headquarters (520 are worldwide).

Positive signals come especially from the new market of e-mobility. Ultrasonic metal welding is used in the production of the lithium-ion batteries required for this purpose. Herrmann Ultraschall has developed two completely new machines in order to serve this rapidly growing market segment from 2019 onwards.


Numbers, data, facts:

– First total investment 2018: 22 million euros consisting of

   - New building: 14.5 million

   - New production machinery and equipment: 4 million euros

   - Modernization old stock: 3.5 million

– Soil moving for new construction: 35,000 tons

– Reinforced concrete installed in the new building: 7,000 tons

– Floor space of the new building: 8,900 m²

– Current total floor space: 18,400 m²

– Area solar modules: 2,300 m²

– Performance solar modules from 2019: 375,000 kWh / year

– Charging station for electric cars: 4

– Sales Herrmann Group 2017: 82 million euros

– Export rate of Herrmann Group 2017: 66%

– Planned employee growth by 2021: 180 new jobs

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