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Astrid Herrmann

Astrid Herrmann

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How can one systematically anchor sustainability in companies and encourage them to think about the following question: "Is my product produced in a way that it considers the needs of people, materials and our planet?" That's what the WIN Charta wants to achieve, a voluntary commitment to sustainability for small and medium-sized enterprises, initiated by the state of Baden-Württemberg. 140 companies are on board already and now also Herrmann Ultraschall. With the WIN-Charta Baden-Württemberg is the only federal state to offer a free and easy-to-implement management system for sustainability. By signing up, companies commit themselves to complying with the 12 guiding principles of the WIN Charta and measurably increasing their sustainability.

"The concept is well thought through and it was easy to identify with the guiding principles," says CEO Thomas Herrmann, who together with the Baden-Württemberg Minister for Environmental Protection, Climate and Energy Franz Untersteller signed the accession document. "We do a lot of that already, intuitively or out of conviction, but we also want to tackle new topics. In the coming weeks, we will define the required three priorities with action plan and also define our local volunteer project. "

For this purpose, a working group was founded in the company, which enthusiastically greets this new task and already makes great suggestions.

The company wants to thank the state of Baden-Württemberg and especially Peter Wüstner, government director of the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy Baden-Württemberg, whose own enthusiasm for the WIN Charta initiative is contagious.