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We automate wherever we can
B & R Industrial Automation GmbH, Eggelsberg, Austria

B & R produces millions of I/O cards every year for its industrial controls.

Sascha Mauderer from Herrmann Ultraschall meets Ziv Sadeh and Itai Shabtai from Su-Pad, Israel

Consistent quality finish
Flex Ltd., Israel

Global sketch-to-scale solutions provider Flex implements ultrasonic welding to deliver a consistent quality finish.

reliable monitoring of weld process

Strong support during design and concept phase
YAZAKI EUROPE LTD., Cologne, Germany

Herrmann Ultraschall has become a reliable and trusted partner for our German business unit and also works well with our production site in Romania.

Andreas Grund, Markus Haas and William Ng Sick Singapore

User-friendliness and service
Sick Ltd., Singapore

I appreciated your initial support and interest in Sick Singapore and Malaysia even though we were still a very small company.

ContiTech: Joining of hoses and holders with ultrasonics

Difficult joining partners
ContiTech MGW, Hamburg, Germany

We switched from steel to plastics for the cooling hose MBQ due to weight and cost reasons.

Delicate measurements
Greiner Bio-One Diagnostics, Rainbach, Austria

For the assembly of the "Genspeed" test chip we decided to use ultrasonic welding which is a technology well-known to us.

"Technical reasons prompted us to use ultrasonic welding instead of screws, because with the new SEEANGEL transmitter we assemble a high-tech safety part.  It is a battery-driven water-tight search-and-rescue-system for life vests. Ultrasonic welding meet

Tamper-evident housing
FT-tec, Neutal, Austria

Technical reasons prompted us to use ultrasonic welding instead of screws, because with the new SEA-ANGEL transmitter we assemble a high-tech safety part.