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Strong support during design and concept phase
YAZAKI EUROPE LTD., Cologne, Germany

reliable monitoring of weld process

Herrmann Ultraschall has become a reliable and trusted partner for our German business unit and also works well with our production site in Romania.

. One task is ultrasonic welding of automotive clusters where the materials are PC/ABS for the housing and PC for the clear cover – mostly welded with tongue and groove joint design. Another task is the riveting of chromed or painted frames on Cluster. We have established a sound working process out of Cologne for ultrasonic welding consulting. During our Design Validation Herrmann Ultraschall receives pre-series sample parts for application and ultrasonic engineering work. They consult us on dimensional feasibility and best joint design. Upon their recommendations we decide on the final injection molding tool and move on to the Process Validation phase.

Herrmann Ultraschall then develops and delivers the ultrasonic welder to our site in Romania where machine acceptance and production “ramp-up” happen. Our cooperation and cross-border communication with Herrmann Ultraschall is excellent as quotes from colleagues confirm:

  • “Reliable in terms of timing and agreed milestones”
  •  “Flexible in terms of technical change requests and timely supply during project stage”
  • “Equipment is mature and performing stable”