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User-friendliness and service
Sick Ltd., Singapore

Andreas Grund, Markus Haas and William Ng Sick Singapore

I appreciated your initial support and interest in Sick Singapore and Malaysia even though we were still a very small company.

However, over the past 4 years, we have greatly strengthened our business share in the Asian market for Presence Detection und Safety Systems. At our plant we highly value the Herrmann service and support. We are using your ultrasonic welder series HiQ VARIO and HiQ SOLID which are very efficient and easy to use. This has certainly improved our production process and quality.

In addition, we can make good use of your new tech center in Kuala Lumpur by attending ultrasonic seminars and using your lab machines for process optimization. In the early design stages of projects, when the project managers in Waldkirch, Germany, are involved, we altogether benefit from your ULTRASONIC ENGINEERING consultations. That means you give us advice on material choices and joint designs and you make sure that we have the correct parameters for an optimal weld process.