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Christmas charity 2020
Herrmann Cares

This year has been challenging, but we are very grateful that we could contribute to the fight against COVID-19 with our ultrasonic technology for face masks and breathing ventilators. And it is in this sense of gratitude and hope that we once again decided to support worthy causes this Christmas

Save 75% plastics
New sustainable paper-based packaging concepts

Together with the packaging service provider Verdesoft, Herrmann Ultraschall has developed a cup and a tube that can be closed by ultrasonics. The packaging concepts have a comparable product protection as conventional plastic packaging and save up to 75% plastic.

Alumnus Thomas Herrmann
appointed to the university council

This is the famous Building M where CEO Thomas Herrmann studied mechanical engineering at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences from 1984 to 1989. Now the university has appointed him to the university council as alumnus and head of a family-owned yet globally operating technolgy company.

Process control in ultrasonic welding for medical sector
Herrmann-Engineering software tools against Covid-19

In the fight against the corona virus, ventilators and corona tests have come to the fore. Herrmann Ultraschall supplies well-known manufacturers with the welding technology to assemble the necessary components such as mouth and nose contact pieces, floats, filters and housings. The two software tools FSC and SonicCalibrate developed by Herrmann play an important role for quality assurance in the ultrasonic welding process.

Fakuma 2020
Also no Fakuma participation

In light of the corona pandemic, Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co.KG, Karlsbad, will also not be actively participating at the Fakuma in its usual form this year. Due to the necessary safety and hygiene measures, it wouldn’t be possible to provide an informative and relaxed trade show experience.

Climate Action "Karlsbad on bike"
Bronze medal for bike commuters from Herrmann Ultraschall

At this year's Spring Challenge of the Karlsbad Municipality in southern Germany, we took third place in the category Bike Commuters Baden Württemberg with a team of 10 colleagues and 224 km per team member. In total, our team covered 2,462 km and saved 362 kg of CO2.

High-volume mask production in Germany
Automobile manufacturer sees a chance within the corona crisis

The Lower Saxony-based automotive supplier Zender Group, Osnabrück, specializes in carbon and textile products. The company recognized the need for personal protective equipment at an early stage and started to set up a mask production facility in record time.

Welding system for mask project from Arburg
Filter fleece for breathing valve to be welded ultrasonically

Herrmann Ultraschall provides Arburg with a HiQ VARIO ultrasonic welding system free of charge for the Lossburg-based company's large mask project (see press release).

AMI Coffee-Conference: “Single serve” innovations
Tight capsules and delicious crema by ultrasonic

Thomas Schmid from STIR magazine has summarized all the important results and innovations, from the recycling of the aluminum capsule to the "Coffee Sphere" and the advantages of ultrasonic welding for coffee pods.

Joining und processing of non-woven materials
Ultrasonic technology for filter media

Many applications in mechanical and installation engineering as well as in vehicle construction are increasingly requiring the utilisation of filters for the protection of the environment from pollutants and for the protection of the machines, installations and internal combustion engines from particles and foreign bodies.

Ultrasonic sealing: Enabling Sustainability
Trend towards mono materials and paper

Mono-materials and paper composites for packaging are increasingly in demand and the number of inquiries regarding new recyclable materials is increasing at the ultrasonic laboratory of Herrmann Ultraschall. Many of the major food companies have set themselves high sustainability targets and are testing the new materials.

Nonwovens: soft material stays soft
Ultrasonic bonding for ATB

The use of softness-enhancing Air-Through Bonded materials (ATB) is increasing – typical hygiene applications are acquisition distribution layers (ADL), waist panels, and top sheets. Ultrasonic welding can offer process related and environmental advantages over glue and heat bonding. The nonwovens laboratory at Herrmann Ultraschall provides high-tech support for application solutions when it comes to bonding ATB.

Mask Task Force established
Focus on short transport distances

Herrmann Ultraschall supplies the ultrasonic welding technology for the production of different face masks. Inquiries accumulate. Focus on short transport distances.

US headquarters expansion near Chicago
Planned growth in North America

After nearly 30 years in the US market, we are expanding the area of our Bartlett, Illinois, facility to 2,800 m². The expansion should support the planned growth of Herrmann Ultrasonics in the new decade, create additional production space and enable stronger employee growth.

Christmas donation for school associations
“Herrmann Cares” supports educational projects

This year's Christmas donation in the context of our charity initiative “Herrmann Cares” is intended for education and goes to two schools in Karlsbad, Germany, to make subject-related project days affordable for all students.

Ultrasonic welding of non-ferrous metals
Visualization for a stable process

Herrmann Ultraschall has been a specialist in ultrasonic welding for decades and is presenting its new HiS VARIO welding system for metal welding such as copper and aluminum at Productronica. The system can be used as a manual workstation or automatically integrated into production lines.

K2019: The welding workplace of the future
New dimension of communication and ergonomics

Optimal working conditions with regard to human-machine interaction and the workplace are, in addition to digitization, an important focus of the new machine generation HiQ G2 from Herrmann Ultraschall.

Ultrasonic welding of bio-based plastics
Ready for the age without oil?

As of now there are few inquiries for the welding of recycled materials, ie plastics that already have been processed once or more before. The weldability must be determined empirically in the test laboratory.

K2019: Configuration instead of programming
Save time with the digital twin

With the new machine generation HiQ G2 for K 2019, Herrmann Ultraschall has emphasized the subject of digitization and visualization in ultrasonic welding.

Global service for your ultrasonic welding application
We are here for you globally and 24 hours a day

Herrmann Ultraschall has locations in 20 countries and stands for innovative technology with an extended customer service. Customers can test welding tasks for feasibility in the 41 on-site ultrasonic laboratories more quickly and get answers to technical questions.

Ultrasonic welding for diapers
Our solution for elastic cuffs

By means of the ultrasonic process, multilayer absorbent bodies, e.g. a diaper, including the SAP granules (Super Absorbent Polymer) can be welded glue-free and in one single step. Now Herrmann Ultraschall offers an innovative process for elastic cuffs.

Ultrasonics for cuff elastic
Interview with our Head of Applications Development

Ultrasonics for cuff elastic is a relatively new topic. How were they processed before?
What is the most important aspect of thread processing?
What role does the rotary anvil play?
Where is this trend leading?

Manufacturing lithium-ion batteries
Welding copper and aluminum using ultrasonics

The ultrasonic welding of nonferrous metals such as copper and aluminum is an established process and is currently booming in connection with the growing market for lithium-ion batteries (LIB) – now the main storage source for electromobility. Herrmann Ultraschall has been a specialist in ultrasonic welding for decades and has now developed a new weld system for metals, the HiS VARIO B.

Circular economy
Ultrasonic sealing is suitable for recyclable material

Monomaterials such as monolayer films and new composites such as OPP / PP (oriented polypropylene / polypropylene) tend to be less resistant than conventional packaging materials.

Expansion to support automotive manufacturers
Inaugural Michigan Automotive Technology Day

We have invested in increasing our presence in Michigan, more importantly providing local support for automotive manufacturers, with a new technology center.

Social and green IT
More sustainability and inclusion

The goal: Creating 500 jobs for people with disabilities and cultivating sustainability in the process.

Innovative technologies
A statement by Robert Hueber

What is your most innovative product at the moment?
How will your product range change in the future?

Sophisticated geometry - and hermetically tight
Welding instead of gluing for sophisticated medical engineering function components

The cleanroom production of a biochip system made of semi-crystalline plastic presented a great challenge for the manufacturer. The upper part with test chamber must be assambled with the support layer in an absolutely tight manner. After all gluing trials had failed, the methodical approach in the weld process saved the project.

La soudure ultrason à grande vitesse
10 pièces par seconde

La société française Lagniel SAS de Douvres-la-Délivrande, France, s'est penchée pendant cinq ans sur le développement d'une nouvelle machine rotative à cinématique continue permettant de souder par ultrasons jusqu'à 600 pièces par minute. Cela correspond à un décuplement du rendement. Le spécialiste des ultrasons Herrmann Ultrasons a fourni les composants ultrasons et a apporté son aide dans le développement complexe de ce processus de soudage rapide.

Making every day Earth Day
Company thinks green

Last year, we installed a solar panel system our company roof to obtain 15-20% of our yearly energy needs from solar energy.

Secure packaging seals
with ultrasonic technology

Ultrasonic welding systems have been successfully implemented to seal bags, blisters, pods, and cartons. Hermetically tight seams reduce the leaker rate while the ultrasonic cold tools are gentle on sensitive foods. Take a closer look at this alternative to heat sealing.


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