Astrid Herrmann

Astrid Herrmann

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Perché usare la saldatura a ultrasuoni? Quali sono i fattori determinanti per la scelta degli ultrasuoni? Le opinioni dei clienti

In mostra per l'innovazione.

Le fiere sono una piattaforma per lo scambio diretto in occasione delle quali presentiamo i nostri ultimi sviluppi e la tecnologia all'avanguardia. In tutto il mondo.

Christmas charity 2020
Herrmann Cares

This year has been challenging, but we are very grateful that we could contribute to the fight against COVID-19 with our ultrasonic technology for face masks and breathing ventilators. And it is in this sense of gratitude and hope that we once again decided to support worthy causes this Christmas

Save 75% plastics
New sustainable paper-based packaging concepts

Together with the packaging service provider Verdesoft, Herrmann Ultraschall has developed a cup and a tube that can be closed by ultrasonics. The packaging concepts have a comparable product protection as conventional plastic packaging and save up to 75% plastic.

Alumnus Thomas Herrmann
appointed to the university council

This is the famous Building M where CEO Thomas Herrmann studied mechanical engineering at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences from 1984 to 1989. Now the university has appointed him to the university council as alumnus and head of a family-owned yet globally operating technolgy company.

Controllo del processo nella saldatura a ultrasuoni
Tool software di Herrmann Engineering contro il Covid-19

Nella lotta contro il coronavirus, i ventilatori meccanici e i tamponi hanno assunto un’importanza primaria. Herrmann Ultraschall fornisce a noti produttori di questi dispositivi la tecnologia di saldatura per il montaggio dei componenti necessari, quali le parti a contatto con bocca e naso, galleggianti, filtri e alloggiamenti. I tool software sviluppati da Herrmann, FSC e SonicCalibrate, svolgono un ruolo importante nell’assicurare la qualità del processo di saldatura a ultrasuoni.

Fakuma 2020
Also no Fakuma participation

In light of the corona pandemic, Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co.KG, Karlsbad, will also not be actively participating at the Fakuma in its usual form this year. Due to the necessary safety and hygiene measures, it wouldn’t be possible to provide an informative and relaxed trade show experience.

Climate Action "Karlsbad on bike"
Bronze medal for bike commuters from Herrmann Ultraschall

At this year's Spring Challenge of the Karlsbad Municipality in southern Germany, we took third place in the category Bike Commuters Baden Württemberg with a team of 10 colleagues and 224 km per team member. In total, our team covered 2,462 km and saved 362 kg of CO2.

High-volume mask production in Germany
Automobile manufacturer sees a chance within the corona crisis

The Lower Saxony-based automotive supplier Zender Group, Osnabrück, specializes in carbon and textile products. The company recognized the need for personal protective equipment at an early stage and started to set up a mask production facility in record time.

Welding system for mask project from Arburg
Filter fleece for breathing valve to be welded ultrasonically

Herrmann Ultraschall provides Arburg with a HiQ VARIO ultrasonic welding system free of charge for the Lossburg-based company's large mask project (see press release).

AMI Coffee-Conference: “Single serve” innovations
Tight capsules and delicious crema by ultrasonic

Thomas Schmid from STIR magazine has summarized all the important results and innovations, from the recycling of the aluminum capsule to the "Coffee Sphere" and the advantages of ultrasonic welding for coffee pods.

Joining und processing of non-woven materials
Ultrasonic technology for filter media

Many applications in mechanical and installation engineering as well as in vehicle construction are increasingly requiring the utilisation of filters for the protection of the environment from pollutants and for the protection of the machines, installations and internal combustion engines from particles and foreign bodies.

Ultrasonic sealing: Enabling Sustainability
Trend towards mono materials and paper

Mono-materials and paper composites for packaging are increasingly in demand and the number of inquiries regarding new recyclable materials is increasing at the ultrasonic laboratory of Herrmann Ultraschall. Many of the major food companies have set themselves high sustainability targets and are testing the new materials.

Nonwovens: soft material stays soft
Ultrasonic bonding for ATB

The use of softness-enhancing Air-Through Bonded materials (ATB) is increasing – typical hygiene applications are acquisition distribution layers (ADL), waist panels, and top sheets. Ultrasonic welding can offer process related and environmental advantages over glue and heat bonding. The nonwovens laboratory at Herrmann Ultraschall provides high-tech support for application solutions when it comes to bonding ATB.

Mask Task Force established
Focus on short transport distances

Herrmann Ultraschall supplies the ultrasonic welding technology for the production of different face masks. Inquiries accumulate. Focus on short transport distances.

US headquarters expansion near Chicago
Planned growth in North America

After nearly 30 years in the US market, we are expanding the area of our Bartlett, Illinois, facility to 2,800 m². The expansion should support the planned growth of Herrmann Ultrasonics in the new decade, create additional production space and enable stronger employee growth.

Christmas donation for school associations
“Herrmann Cares” supports educational projects

This year's Christmas donation in the context of our charity initiative “Herrmann Cares” is intended for education and goes to two schools in Karlsbad, Germany, to make subject-related project days affordable for all students.

Ultrasonic welding of non-ferrous metals
Visualization for a stable process

Herrmann Ultraschall has been a specialist in ultrasonic welding for decades and is presenting its new HiS VARIO welding system for metal welding such as copper and aluminum at Productronica. The system can be used as a manual workstation or automatically integrated into production lines.

K2019: The welding workplace of the future
New dimension of communication and ergonomics

Optimal working conditions with regard to human-machine interaction and the workplace are, in addition to digitization, an important focus of the new machine generation HiQ G2 from Herrmann Ultraschall.

Ultrasonic welding of bio-based plastics
Ready for the age without oil?

As of now there are few inquiries for the welding of recycled materials, ie plastics that already have been processed once or more before. The weldability must be determined empirically in the test laboratory.

K2019: Configuration instead of programming
Save time with the digital twin

With the new machine generation HiQ G2 for K 2019, Herrmann Ultraschall has emphasized the subject of digitization and visualization in ultrasonic welding.

Global service for your ultrasonic welding application
We are here for you globally and 24 hours a day

Herrmann Ultraschall has locations in 20 countries and stands for innovative technology with an extended customer service. Customers can test welding tasks for feasibility in the 41 on-site ultrasonic laboratories more quickly and get answers to technical questions.

Ultrasonic welding for diapers
Our solution for elastic cuffs

By means of the ultrasonic process, multilayer absorbent bodies, e.g. a diaper, including the SAP granules (Super Absorbent Polymer) can be welded glue-free and in one single step. Now Herrmann Ultraschall offers an innovative process for elastic cuffs.

Ultrasonics for cuff elastic
Interview with our Head of Applications Development

Ultraschall für Cuff-Elastics ist ein relativ neues Thema. Wie wurden sie bisher verarbeitet?
Was ist der wichtigste Aspekt bei der Fadenverarbeitung?
Welche Rolle spielt die Ambosswalze?
Wo geht der Trend hin?

Manufacturing lithium-ion batteries
Welding copper and aluminum using ultrasonics

The ultrasonic welding of nonferrous metals such as copper and aluminum is an established process and is currently booming in connection with the growing market for lithium-ion batteries (LIB) – now the main storage source for electromobility. Herrmann Ultraschall has been a specialist in ultrasonic welding for decades and has now developed a new weld system for metals, the HiS VARIO B.

Circular economy
Ultrasonic sealing is suitable for recyclable material

Monomaterials such as monolayer films and new composites such as OPP / PP (oriented polypropylene / polypropylene) tend to be less resistant than conventional packaging materials.

Expansion to support automotive manufacturers
Inaugural Michigan Automotive Technology Day

We have invested in increasing our presence in Michigan, more importantly providing local support for automotive manufacturers, with a new technology center.

Social and green IT
More sustainability and inclusion

The goal: Creating 500 jobs for people with disabilities and cultivating sustainability in the process.

Innovative technologies
A statement by Robert Hueber

What is your most innovative product at the moment?
How will your product range change in the future?

Agile thinking and acting
Keynote speech by Sven O. Rimmelspacher

30 million employees in Germany feel little or no emotional connection with their employer.

Workplace of the future
Assembly Assistant MonSiKo

The ultrasonic welding of a toy elephant was the demo technology with which the assembly assistant "MonSiKo" was presented at the Hanover Fair.

Sophisticated geometry - and hermetically tight
Welding instead of gluing for sophisticated medical engineering function components

The cleanroom production of a biochip system made of semi-crystalline plastic presented a great challenge for the manufacturer. The upper part with test chamber must be assambled with the support layer in an absolutely tight manner. After all gluing trials had failed, the methodical approach in the weld process saved the project.

Ultrasonic welding becomes very fast
10 parts per second

Lagniel SAS, France, produces automation assembly lines in continuous motion at very high speed. Two new machines were designed and built, which deliver up to 600 ultrasonically welded parts per minute. Previously it tooks 5 years to develop the technology. Herrmann Ultraschall has contributed to engineer and incorporate the ultrasonic welding process into the machine.

Making every day Earth Day
Company thinks green

Last year, we installed a solar panel system our company roof to obtain 15-20% of our yearly energy needs from solar energy.

Departure to new ultrasonic worlds
120 seconds highlights

Almost 1500 visitors were part of the official inauguration of the new Herrmann Ultraschall Campus last Novembers. Revisit special moments in our video footage.

Secure packaging seals
with ultrasonic technology

Ultrasonic welding systems have been successfully implemented to seal bags, blisters, pods, and cartons. Hermetically tight seams reduce the leaker rate while the ultrasonic cold tools are gentle on sensitive foods. Take a closer look at this alternative to heat sealing.

Inauguration of new Ultrasonic Campus
Focus on Sustainability

Four new ultrasound laboratories, a lean-optimized production and multifunctional working environments in administration on a total area of 18,400 m² - 22 million euros have been invested by Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG in the expansion of the headquarters in Karlsbad-Ittersbach. By 2021, 180 new jobs are to be created.

Generous funding for industrial ultrasound R&D
Awarded to university institute in Freiburg

"Fate has dealt us a good hand and we want to give something back" say Walter and Ingeborg Herrmann.

Seven steps to a good weld result
Experience our action parcours at Fakuma

Ultrasonic welding works best with qualified consultation and individual customer support.

Ultrasonic sealing - focus pharmaceuticals
Pharma sachets

Producing pharma sachets for demanding products at fast cycle rates


Bee protection day
WIN!Project 2018

WIN! Project 2018 successfully started: 5 bee hotels built

[Translate to IT:] Verleihung Gründerpreis Kategorie Lebenswerk an Walter Herrmann

A love for technology and people
Founder’s Prize 2018

Walter Herrmann (83) was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 of the Sparkassenverband Baden-Württemberg on May 16, nominated by the Sparkasse Pforzheim-Calw, paying tribute to an entrepreneur with a pioneering spirit and ingenuity who, in 1961, took the plunge into self-employment with the idea of a reliable ultrasonic generator.

Sustainable employee promotion
Our e-cars are here

Two fully electric Renault Zoe cars are available from May 2018 on as "pool cars" for our workforce. That way, employees can try electro mobility - on a daily or monthly basis.


Sustainability is a question of the future
WIN Charta signing

How can one systematically anchor sustainability in companies and encourage them to think about the following question: "Is my product produced in a way that it considers the needs of people, materials and our planet?" That's what the WIN Charta wants to achieve, a voluntary commitment to sustainability for small and medium-sized enterprises, initiated by the state of Baden-Württemberg.

"Order Fulfillment is my passion"
New COO – new impulses

Carsten O'Beirne joined the executive management team of Herrmann Ultraschall as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in January.

A Welding Challenge
High Tightness for a medical secretion container made from PE

If Polyethylene (PE) is the material and part dimensions are large, the demands on the joining technology grow. In this case the medical container also had to be Ieak-proof and satisfy requirements for validated and traceable welding processes.

“Great local initiative”
Donation for refugees in Karlsbad

This year's Christmas donation from Herrmann Ultraschall over € 10,000 will help to secure the continued employment of volunteer coordinator Sabine Meglio at the Round Table Asylum Karlsbad.

[Translate to IT:] B & R uses ultrasonic welding for joining of plastic modules

We automate wherever we can
At B & R Industrial Automation

In Eggelsberg, Austria, millions of 12.5 mm wide I / O modules are coming off the assembly line: the requirements for material properties, dimensional accuracy, joining and labeling technology are high.

[Translate to IT:] Start with ultrasonic welding of non-ferrous metals

Meet our experts
Productronica Munich

Are you welding metals ultrasonically? Not happy with your weld quality or operational life time of your weld tools/sonotrodes? Looking for a more powerful generator?

[Translate to IT:] Modular robot cell with integrated ultrasonic welding system

Cost-effective automation
of small production volumes

Fakuma 2017: From the injection-molding machine straight to ultrasonic welding – a space-saving modular robot solution combines several production steps in one flow.

[Translate to IT:] New e-bike program for Herrmann employees

Go to work on two wheels
New e-bike program for employees

New addition to the mobility and health management program of Herrmann Ultraschall: the company bike.

The low-linting incise drape is highly absorbent

New and patentend incise drape/swab
Assembled using ultrasonic welding technology

Herrmann Ultraschall has developed an assembly line to deliver all ultrasonic laminating and sealing steps for a new and patented abdominal swab “texart” by Portugese medical producer Bastos Viegas.

Successful corporate B2Run event 2017

Runner’s high in summer heat
Successful corporate B2run event

At this year’s running competition for companies with over 6.600 participants Herrmann Ultraschall once again contributed with a large team of 74 runners.

Sample showing logo embossing onto vegan leather

Successful Techtextil tradeshow 2017
Logo embossing onto vegan leather

In particular when embossing valuable materials like vegan leather or foamed textiles, like car seat upholstery, the optimum feel of the material is often impaired or reduced.

ultrasonic generator ULTRAPACK AMG developed for packaging industry

INTERPACK 2017: AMG Generator
in Schubert packaging machines

Ideal fit for the invisible electrical cabinet in coffee capsule finishing machines of packaging specialist Schubert, Crailsheim, Germany.

Goldstadt sponsoring agreement signed

Goldstadt 250: it’s official
Sponsoring Agreement signed

Because entrepreneurial couple Ingeborg and Walter Herrmann see Pforzheim as starting point for their private and business success, they were happy to finally seal the deal and officially sign the sponsoring agreement - on the occasion of the 8. Sponsoring Lunch Event on February 8th, 2017 at the premises of Herrmann Ultraschall in Karlsbad.

Invitation to groundbreaking ceremony

Groundbreaking ceremony for building expansion
Floorspace will be doubled

An additional 7.600 qm will be built bringing up the total floor space to 17.100 qm.

Congratulation to Dr. Francois Brouet – he got his Ph. D.

He got his Ph. D.!
Congratulation to Dr. Francois Brouet

We are proud of Francois Brouet and his final Ph.D. grade and his final excellent doctoral thesis: "Theoretical and experimental analysis of parasitic modal interactions in ultrasonic oscillators"

Donation goes to the children’s charity “Familienherberge Lebensweg”

Herrmann cares
Donation instead of gifts goes to children charity

This year’s Christmas donation goes to the children’s charity “Familienherberge Lebensweg” near Stuttgart, a care center for severely ill children and their families. Social responsibility has always been important to all members of the Herrmann family.

Herrmann Ultraschall to sponsor "Goldstadt 250" jubilee

Sponsor “Goldstadt 250” jubilee
“Company would not exist without Pforzheim”

Founder Walter Herrmann is especially pleased with his company’s sponsorship of the “Goldstadt 250” jubilee. It is the city of Pforzheim where his professional success is rooted and where his bride Ingeborg grew up.

Live at K2016 exhibition highlights shown during booth tour

Smart & connected
View K 2016 Highlights on video now

We look back at a very successful K trade show in Dusseldorf. Our media partner Plas.TV has interviewed Thomas Herrmann and produced a short video with our ultrasonic industry 4.0 highlights for you:

World premiere at K 2016: New AMG ultrasonic generator

Meet you at K 2016
Be our guest

Experience that Digitalization and Industrie 4.0 are more than “buzz words”.

VDMA action week „We do something“ - committment to CSR issues

Task Force „Energy and emissions“
VDMA action week „We do something“

Minimize the use of fossil fuels – that’s the goal of Herrmann Ultraschall’s management for the proposed building extension planned for 2017/18.

Dr.-Ing. Mathias Kammüller, GF Trumpf GmbH + Co.KG Executive Vice President of Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG and honorary consul Japan and Markus Haas, Sales Director Asia

Asa no Kai at the DJW
3 key points to take home

How to be successful in Japan? Markus Haas, Sales Director Asia at Herrmann Ultraschall, lectured at the recent breakfast talk “Asa no Kai” of the German Japanese business association (DJW = Deutsch-Japanischer Wirtschaftskreis).

A warm welcome for wvib and round table asylum at Herrmann Ultraschall

„You have to understand both sides“
Round Table Asylum contributes to local refugee relief work

On July 19 Herrmann Ultraschall hosted the latest wvib-business talk with Klaus Heuberger. A great occasion for an update on the refugee work by the „Round Table Asylum Karlsbad“, represented by Michael Nowotny. Last November the wvib had donated a sizeable sum for this great cause.

A practical approach for students
R&D meets industry

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Bonten from the IKT Stuttgart (Institut für Kunststofftechnik at the University of Stuttgart) and his colleague Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin Neubig visited Herrmann Ultraschall to talk about future trends in ultrasonic welding of thermoplastics.

German Mittelstand in Japan

JETRO Newsletter
German Mittelstand in Japan

Hermann Ultraschall as a German-Japanese success story: this is the focus of an article in the most recent magazine edition of JETRO SENSOR 2016/07 by JETRO (Japanese External Trade Organization).

TOP 100 2016 - Summit with conference and awards ceremony

It's TOP 100
Innovative "German Mittelstand"

4. German Mittelstand – Summit with conference and awards ceremony.

Product Mngr. Volker Aust with the new AMG ultrasonic generator

New AMG Generator on tour
Successful USA Preview

The ultrasonic generator is the heart of the welding machine and delivers the vibrations for the ultrasonic weld process.

Innovation WEEK at GDM Italy

Innovation Week at GDM Italy
New sideseam module CDA live

More than 300 chosen industry guests from all over the world were present at GDM’s innovation week last month in Offanengo (Cremona).

Kountdown 2016 fit for Industrie 4.0. Videostart

Fit for Industrie 4.0
Generator as process controller

Watch the new video now: Plas.TV’s Guido Marschall visits Herrmann Ultraschall and finds out what’s new for K fair 2016 in Dusseldorf and the hot topic of integrated industry.

VDMA Kountdown making of video: And action

The making of…
VDMA Kountdown Video

Herrmann Ultraschall was one of ten companies from the plastics industry exclusively chosen by the VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, German Engineering Federation) for their video series “Kountdown 2016”.

Tech-Center Modena opening in March 2016

Vinegar or Ultrasonics?
New Tech-Center Modena

How does ultrasonics for plastics work? Francesco Gobbo and Mauro Sgarbi welcomed a great number of participants for the first basic seminar at the newly opened Tech center in Modena.

This way to the basics

This way to the basics
First seminar in Kashiwanoha headquarters

Ultrasonic welding of plastic material – Sohei Fukai, General Manager at Herrmann Ultrasonics Japan welcomed 12 participants from key industries such as automotive or consumer for the first basics seminar held at the Japanese HQ of Herrmann Ultraschall near Tokyo.

Birthday cake for Thomas Herrmann

Happy Tech-Day
Full house in Brazil

Brazilians love people, soccer and now also ultrasonic welding for plastic. In 30 degree weather nearly 30 customers and leads crowded out the rooms at the Herrmann Tech-Center in Indaiatuba (near Sao Paulo).

ultrasonic sontrode for Genicon liposuction handle

Pushing tool limits
XL-Ultrasonic welding tool for medical device

Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc., Bartlett, IL, has worked with medical company Genicon, Winter Park, FL, to build one of the largest ultrasonic medical weld tools ever designed.

Donation given by the wvib member companies for round table for refugee affairs

For a good cause
Companies help refugees

Herrmann Ultraschall was asked to name this year’s recipient of the wvib donation. The company chose an organization close by their German headquarters, the “Round Table Asylum and Refugee Tasks Karlsbad” – a joint effort by volunteers and the city of Karlsbad to provide critical relieve to refugees.

Sohei Fukai, CEO Japan, with Thomas Herrmann

Opening in Japan
New Herrmann Headquarters

With a subsidiary in Japan, Herrmann Ultraschall increases the number of headquarters to four.

IHK technology committee group photo in the rotunda

IHK Karlsruhe are our guests
Conference of the technology committee at Herrmann Ultraschall

The specialist topic “Additive manufacturing and 3D printing” as well as the functions and application options of ultrasonic welding technology were at the focus at the conference of the technology committee of IHK Karlsruhe last Thursday.

LiveLab at FachPack – testing machine from Zwick

Successful LiveLab at FachPack
Hands on ultrasonics

Experience live ultrasonics – bring your packaging material samples and just try! Check out different tool geometries and ultrasonic frequencies!


Dual technical training
New at Herrmann Ultrasonics USA

Apply now: Herrmann Ultrasonics is proud to join the Illinois Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (ICATT).

Herrmann Ultrasonics anniversary entertainment

Supa Kool!
25 years of Herrmann Ultrasonics USA

Technology Day and Dinner Celebration to honor great success story of Herrmann Ultrasonics, USA! With a moving speech during the celebratory dinner on September 10, 2015, CEO and founder Thomas Herrmann remembered the early years with only two employees and how the idea to start an American subsidiary was triggered by German customers asking for a Herrmann presence and service on American soil.

Top seal module TSM35 for packaging machines

New ultrasonic top seal module
a fast way towards series production

If packaging producers specify ultrasonics as their sealing technology, the manufacturers of packaging machines are now able to integrate the appropriate technology faster and better thanks to the slim design and the standardized interfaces of the new top seal module TSM35 by Herrmann Ultraschall.

Tech-Center Malaysia – Opening

Herrmann goes global
21 Tech-Center worldwide

The Herrmann-map is filling up with red dots after two more successful openings in Malaysia and Brazil.

TOP JOB  2015 award celebration

TOP JOB 2015
Quality label for excellence

We are delighted to have once again received the "TOP JOB" award as excellent employer.


Questions for Timo Boll
Table tennis record holder

Parallels between sports and industry:
At Chinaplas Thomas Herrmann and Volker Aust met Timo Boll, an exceptional athlete, who played Chinese rookie talents at a VDMA-event.

Technology days 2015 – meeting point rotunda

Technology Days 2015
Expectations greatly exceeded

360° ULTRASONIC ENGINEERING was the motto of the Technology Days held on June 25th and 26th at the Karlsbad Headquarters of Herrmann Ultraschall.

Diaper with back sheet application advantages

OUTLOOK™ Plus latin America
Promising hygiene market

Ultrasonic Bonding has been one of the hot topics at the recent OUTLOOK™ Plus in Brazil, where latest developments in nonwovens and the absorbent hygiene products markets have been reviewed.

Handover of the new Studimobil

Company car for best cooperative student
Motivational incentive for young professionals

After successfully launching the Azubimobil for the best apprentice, Herrmann Ultraschall also awards a company car to its best cooperative student, gasoline included.

Ultrasonic laminating of technical textiles on test calender

Clean and manageable process for nonwovens
Ultrasonic welding as alternative for bonding nonwovens

Ultrasonic vibrations replace hot melt and heat calender applications: Manufacturers are often not aware of the fact that ultrasonic welding can join nonwoven materials, even materials of a different kind, and thus replace hot melt stations and heat calenders.

Ultrasonic laminating of technical textiles on test calender

Loyalty is king
Celebration for long-time employees

When it comes to Human Resources, Herrmann Ultraschall concentrates on strategic personnel development; “acknowledgement and appreciation of employees” is hereby a key focus. Half of all employees are with the company longer than 5 years; 30 percent have been employed more than 10 years and 14 percent are with Herrmann Ultraschall for more than 15 years.

X-Mas 2014 – donation for refugees

Donations instead of gifts
Christmas 2014

No integration without communication.
As in the years before Herrmann Ultraschall will make a donation instead of giving Christmas gifts.

Juergen Pfrommer celebrates 40 years at Herrmann Ultraschall

Long-standing commitment
Award for 40 years of service to the company

Service technician Jürgen Pfrommer has been awarded for 40 years of service at Herrmann Ultraschall. Walter Herrmann, founder and owner of Herrmann Ultraschall, congratulated together with the mayor of Karlsbad, Rudi Knodel.

wvib Roundtable 2014

10. wvib Round Table Freiburg
Entrepreneurs opinion about fiscal year

Guests at the Wirtschaftsverband industrieller Unternehmen in Baden (wvib): Thomas Herrmann, Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Karlsbad; Dr. Robert Bauer, SICK AG, Waldkirch; Michael Ganter, Ganter Interior GmbH, Waldkirch; Peter Greiser, ATMOS Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Lenzkirch.

Fakuma 2014 VDMA and Prof. Dr. Gesine Schwan

FAKUMA 2014 Opening speech by Gesine Schwan
International Plastics Fair

At the exhibition tour Prof. Schwan was informed about ultrasonic welding. CEO Thomas Herrmann and product manager Volker Aust from Herrmann Ultraschall explained ultrasonic welding in various industrial applications, like for the automotive, medical and consumer industries.

pillow-bag-machine at PPMA exhibtion

Peelable snack bags
with ultrasonic sealing

Herrmann Ultraschall displays the latest ultrasonic sealing solutions for bag, blister and pod packaging at PPMA exhibition in Birmingham, UK.

Ina Vettkoetter from VDMA visits Herrmann Ultraschall

VDMA – German Engineering Federation
visits Herrmann Ultraschall

On August 5th, 2014 Herrmann Ultraschall welcomed VDMA representative Ina Vettkötter; she is responsible for the VDMA branch Plastics and Rubber Machinery communication and web content work.

Successful ultrasonic welding workshop in Israel
for more than 200 particpants

Hosted by their Israeli representative Su-Pad, Herrmann Ultraschall presented a booked-out one-day conference in Tel Aviv on "Ultrasonic welding for plastics". 220 visitors listened to interesting performances.

Interpack Cooperation with Dow

Interpack 2014 - Cooperations
Bosch, Dow, Amcor, Xolution, Weidenhammer

Interpack 2014 has been a very successful trade show for Herrmann Ultraschall. Many were interested in finding out more about the ultrasonic sealing of packaging – also more and more resin- und film producers take notice in the potential of ultrasonic sealing.

HELIXBOND ultrasonic core former

World novelty shown at INDEX 2014
Ultrasonic diaper core former HELIXBOND

Ultrasonics for absorbent Fluff Free Core construction without adhesives. In partnership with C4S, Herrmann Ultraschall has developed a new ultrasonic process for optimized particle fixation in an embedding layer for super absorbent structures – no fluff, no glue and no curly fibres needed any more.

Tech-Center Sweden

Cooperation in Sweden
Twelfth Tech-Center opened

As part of their global strategy to offer more local ultrasonic laboratory and engineering services, Herrmann Ultraschall has opened a new Tech-Center in Sweden at the building of Battenfeld Sverige AB in Halmstad.

Lab calender

New and fast lab calender
for applications up to 800 m /min

The old calender for nonwovens and other web material so far provided speeds of up to 500 m/min. This was not sufficient anymore for the complete simulation of the production environment and for running feasibility tests, especially in the production of diapers.

Pouring from the resealable can

Assembling a new can opening
Ultrasonic welding allows for high cycle rates

With high hopes for the beverage consumer industry Xolution, a German think tank company, has introduced a new resealable opening mechanism for cans.

Cutting sonotrode at the Engel booth at K 2013

Ultrasonic cutting sonotrode
Live on a robot at K 2013

A complete Hyundai dashboard was produced in three steps at the Engel booth in hall 13 at K 2013.

Presentation of the donation to PZ – Menschen in Not 2013

Charity donation
instead of Christmas presents

Herrmann Ultraschall has decided to not give Christmas presents to customers for the 2013 Christmas season but rather support a charity with a donation.

Awarding of the CEHMS inventor award

Walter Herrmann honored
with Inventor Award CEHMS 2013

At the “Energy Harvesting workshop” in July 2013 of the Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems (CEHMS) in Hannover, Walter Herrmann was presented with the Inventor Award 2013.


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