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Optimal working conditions with regard to human-machine interaction and the workplace are, in addition to digitization, an important focus of the new machine generation HiQ G2 from Herrmann Ultraschall.

The design of the new machine is designed for safe and easy operation. The control communicates with the operator via a customizable user interface (UI) at various levels. Illuminated indicator arrows and a secondary screen in the machine foot provide information on quantities, machine status, and process data using widgets.


New features

Widgets allow visualization of accessories and functions to be integrated into the new control platform. With the integration of additional functions, sensors or other aids, the machine can be "tailor-made" according to customer and application needs and provides support for the operator in the process flow. Elements such as the Gauge Widget, which graphically visualizes the welding process, can also be viewed on the secondary screen in the machine footer. The Gauge Widget also displays configured alert limits, making the process more accurate, which can reduce the percentage of bad parts. The 18 "multi-touch control panel can be adjusted in height and weight balanced in height. The height position and the angle of inclination can be individually adjusted with one hand.

The new generation of HiQ supports tool change with a sophisticated on-screen wizard that guides the operator step by step. The system is able to automatically select the welding program according to the tools used. The machine checks in RFID-coded form, whether the ultrasonic welding tool in use, the device and the selected welding program match each other. The user is informed about deviations and proposed changes in plain text and can act immediately. The new automatic tool clamping system ACS (Automatic Clamping System) facilitates the change even more.

A consistent clean design avoids unnecessary edges and gaps. All edges and corners are generously rounded to allow a pleasant handling of the machine. The complete integration of the clamping plate for fixtures in the machine base reduces the installation height of the machine base and allows a more ergonomic loading of the workpiece fixtures. Likewise, the machine base is used as a storage space for tools and accessories and can be used as a mounting surface for additional units. The base has a removable scratch-resistant top which is held by magnets.