Astrid Herrmann

Astrid Herrmann

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Perché usare la saldatura a ultrasuoni? Quali sono i fattori determinanti per la scelta degli ultrasuoni? Le opinioni dei clienti

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Le fiere sono una piattaforma per lo scambio diretto in occasione delle quali presentiamo i nostri ultimi sviluppi e la tecnologia all'avanguardia. In tutto il mondo.


At this year's Spring Challenge of the Karlsbad Municipality in southern Germany, we took third place in the category Bike Commuters Baden Württemberg with a team of 10 colleagues and 224 km per team member. In total, our team covered 2,462 km and saved 362 kg of CO2.

During the campaign, which lasted several weeks from May to June, 416 cyclists covered a total of 92,323 km and saved 14,000 kg CO2, a nice increase compared to 2019 with 239 participants and 41,804 km. The communal environmental competition KARLSBAD RADELT wants to encourage as many people as possible to switch to a bicycle in their everyday life, including the way to work.