Astrid Herrmann

Astrid Herrmann

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IHK technology committee group photo in the rotunda

The specialist topic “Additive manufacturing and 3D printing” as well as the functions and application options of ultrasonic welding technology were at the focus at the conference of the technology committee of IHK Karlsruhe last Thursday.

The last of the 2015 conventions, which usually take place three times per year at various companies or research facilities, was held at Herrmann Ultraschall in Karlsbad under the responsibility of Chairman Dr. Peter Fritz and Head of the Industry, Technology, Energy, and Environment division, Gert Adler.

The event took place upon invitation of Herrmann Ultraschall’s Technical Director Arnold Schneider. At these conventions, the hosting organizations are given the opportunity to present themselves and their special competences. Arnold Schneider took over this task and showcased our strengths in a detailed company presentation in the presence of the founder of the company, Walter Herrmann, fellow Managing Director Thomas Herrmann, and President of the IHK, Wolfgang Grenke. All 40 participants joined them at the subsequent tour through the company facilities, including the different production areas and the three application laboratories. The representatives of IHK and of companies and research facilities from the Karlsruhe Technology Region were quite impressed, not least because of the clean edges of the pieces of cake cut by means of a cutting sonotrode, served during coffee break.

In his short welcoming speech, President Grenke emphasized the challenges that evolve for companies due to shorter product innovation cycles and increasing complexity of the production and processing processes. He stated that the major foundation pillars of successful entrepreneurship are customer benefit, competitive advantage, and in-house skills, which must be efficiently implemented. According to Grenke, the increasing number of apprenticeship contracts in the district of the chamber’s responsibility despite a decreasing number of school graduates is an indicator for initiatives such as “Ausbildung macht Schule” to prove successful.