Astrid Herrmann

Astrid Herrmann

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Perché usare la saldatura a ultrasuoni? Quali sono i fattori determinanti per la scelta degli ultrasuoni? Le opinioni dei clienti

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The cleanroom production of a biochip system made of semi-crystalline plastic presented a great challenge for the manufacturer. The upper part with test chamber must be assambled with the support layer in an absolutely tight manner. After all gluing trials had failed, the methodical approach in the weld process saved the project.


R-Biopharm AG from Darmstadt, Germany ad invested three years into research and development to design their Rida-Chip Food-Guide for detection of food intolerances from blood samples. A particularly complex issue was joinging of the upper part and the support layer of the biochip system. The required tightness could not be achieved using glue. Eventually, the developing engineers encountered a more promising joining technology for this type of application: ultrasonic welding. Ultrasonic welding is not only fast and clean but, it does not impair the biological components of the test equipment, such as enzymes.


KUNSTSTOFFE 05-2019 – Sophisticated Geometry and Hermetically tight