Astrid Herrmann

Astrid Herrmann

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Perché usare la saldatura a ultrasuoni? Quali sono i fattori determinanti per la scelta degli ultrasuoni? Le opinioni dei clienti

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Herrmann Ultraschall to sponsor "Goldstadt 250" jubilee

Founder Walter Herrmann is especially pleased with his company’s sponsorship of the “Goldstadt 250” jubilee. It is the city of Pforzheim where his professional success is rooted and where his bride Ingeborg grew up.

After the Second World War the small town of Pforzheim on the edge of the Black Forest had blossomed into the “Gold Town” of the German state of Baden-Württemberg, a gold and jewelry hot spot. The oscillating ultrasound generated by the cleaning systems, however, caused problems with television reception. The Post Office Headquarters sent out its radio-interference measurement team to Pforzheim, amongst them the young electrician, Walter Herrmann (it was then that Walter also met his wife-to-be Ingeborg Keck, born and raised in Pforzheim).

Walter Herrmann took up a position to develop better ultrasonic cleaning generators. When his boss did not show interest in his ideas Herrmann decided to start his own business in Langensteinbach – building advanced ultrasonic cleaning equipment. However, he soon saw the potential in a newly developing technology, the welding of plastics materials by means of ultrasonic vibrations, which was to become the main business of Herrmann Ultraschall.

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