Astrid Herrmann

Astrid Herrmann

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HELIXBOND ultrasonic core former

Ultrasonics for absorbent Fluff Free Core construction without adhesives. In partnership with C4S, Herrmann Ultraschall has developed a new ultrasonic process for optimized particle fixation in an embedding layer for super absorbent structures – no fluff, no glue and no curly fibres needed any more. 

The secret is a brand new helical anvil design which offers a minimal yet perfectly formed contact area per bond point. This ensures strong bonding while simultaneously displacing SAP granules. Since the process is gentle on the fibres the bonded layers stay soft to the touch.
The result is an ultrathin, yet soft and absorbent core, in which the superabsorbent granules are firmly"embedded" in the middle layer without the use of hot melt. At the same time they are well distributed without the preceding step of a patterned SAP feeding.

The new system incorporates the embedding technology via helical spring anvil as invented by C4S 
(patent pending), with the rotating sonotrode technology developed and patented by Herrmann Ultraschall. Application areas for the new core forming process are all absorbent products like diaper cores, napkins, bandages and filters.

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