Laboratori per test ultrasonici

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We automate wherever we can
B & R Industrial Automation GmbH, Eggelsberg, Austria


In Eggelsberg, Austria, millions of 12.5 mm wide I / O modules are coming off the assembly line: the requirements for material properties, dimensional accuracy, joining and labeling technology are high.
The production process including the ultrasonic welding is a demonstration of a flexibly automated assembly. The housings of the I/O modules are injection molded from a flame retardant, highly heat-resistant and UV-resistant blend of polyphenyl ether and impact polystyrene (PPE / PS). When qualifying the joining process, three key criteria applied:

  • Process-safe automatio
  • No component damage
  • Absolutely tight and durable welds

Ultrasonic welding has been used at B & R for about 10 years and is already an established process.

All photos with permission:K-Profi/Schneider