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Welcome to Herrmann Ultraschall 

... the machine and system supplier for industrial ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic welding is used whenever two plastic parts have to be put together permanently: the two half-shells of an electrical toothbrush, a printer cartridge or a medical infusion collector. But also toys, writing utensils and even vacuum cleaner bags are welded using ultrasonics. Classic application options for the automotive industry are dashboard instruments, center consoles or cup holders. What else is possible with ultrasonic: Sealing of packaging for salad and cheese bags, drink cartons and coffee capsules. Laminating and embossing of nonwoven materials, embossing of surgical facial masks, production of baby diapers.

Business division

Production of ultrasonic welding machines, systems, and components

Year of foundation

1961 Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG – founded by Walter Herrmann
1990 Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc. - founded by Thomas Herrmann
2003 Herrmann Ultrasonics (Taicang) Co. Ltd. - founded by Walter Herrmann
2015 Herrmann Ultrasonic Japan Corporation - founded by  Thomas Herrmann

Number of employees

520 employees world-wide

Corporate form

GmbH & Co. KG with:

  • Walter Herrmann, Chairman of the Board
  • Thomas Herrmann, CEO
  • Carsten O'Beirne, COO


Supplier of ultrasonic welding machines, systems and components for joining of thermoplastic materials
Manufacturer of modules and components for ultrasonic sealing stations in the packaging industry
System supplier for continuous and intermittent manufacturing processes for nonwoven materials, web materials, films, or filters
Ultrasonic engineering services: Application consulting, application optimization, machine integration.
Implementation of more than 1000 customized solutions per year for a broad customer base.

Local facilities

Headquarters in the USA, Bartlett near Chicago – Exec. VP & General Manager Uwe Peregi
Headquarters China, Taicang, near Shanghai – General Manager Shizhen Cheng
Headquarters Japan, Kashiwa City near Tokyo – General Manager Sohei Fukai
Tech-Center in Germany and world-wide


Welcome to Herrmann Ultraschall
Welcome to Herrmann Ultraschall