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Parceria. É algo que valorizamos.

Nossos contatos em faculdades e associações nos proporcionam valiosos impulsos. Para as feiras

The idea behind it

As a medium-sized company, deeply rooted in Baden-Württemberg, we want to give our help to those who need it. With the "Herrmann cares" charitable initiative, Herrmann Ultraschall provides support in the surrounding region. Thanks to the proximity to the projects we can make sure that donations actually reach those in need and are efficiently utilized. The projects aim to support people who, often through no fault of their own, have fallen on hard times and need a fair chance to be able to actively participate in society again on equal footing.

Christmas donation 2019 for school associations

This year's Christmas donation in the context of our charity initiative “Herrmann Cares” is intended for education and goes to two schools in Karlsbad, Germany, to make subject-related project days affordable for all students.

The Schwarzwaldschule Ittersbach receives € 2,500, where the association supports the following projects: regular lunch for all students, drum lessons, seminar days in the Black Forest. The community school Karlsbad-Waldbronn also receives € 2,500 as a financial subsidy for families who cannot afford all the costs for the planned study trips to England and Berlin. Both study trips are firmly established projects in the field of language as well as history and social studies. Reading projects could also be supported - there would be regular author readings, according to the Rector of the Karlsbad-Waldbronn Community School, Ulrike Frank, who, together with her colleague Petra Roth from the Schwarzwaldschule Ittersbach, was happy about the donation.

Project "Christmas charity 2018"

Instead of gifts and flowers for the inauguration of the new Herrmann Campus we had asked for donations for the good cause. The fantastic amount of Euro 12.500 came together. As in the previous year, a donation of 5.000 Euro we given to the Children and Youth Arche Karlsruhe e.V.  for their excellent voluntary work.

Another Euro 7.500 will help Lilith e.V. Pforzheim, a specialized couselling center to protect girls and boys from sexual violence and abuse. For the last 20 years, Lilith e.V. has helped children in need and contributed  valuable educational work.

Project "Christmas charity 2017"

This year's Christmas donation from Herrmann Ultraschall supports two projects: 
Over € 10,000 will help to secure the continued employment of volunteer coordinator Sabine Meglio at the Round Table Asylum Karlsbad. Funding of this position is only possible with the help of donations. Sabine Meglio is the contact person for over 100 volunteers - she supports and coordinates 14 working groups and is in constant contact with refugees, volunteers, city councils and companies.

€ 16,000 were donated to the Kinder-und Jugendarche Karlsruhe e.V., where Astrid Herrmann also supports as a volunteer. At the ARCHE, social workers and volunteers take care of children from emotionally and financially needy homes. They offer healthy lunch and homework help in the afternoon. All children receive individual help and the best possible support for their talents.

Project "Christmas charity 2016“

This year’s Christmas donation goes to the children’s charity “Familienherberge Lebensweg” near Stuttgart, a care center for severely ill children and their families.

Prominent ambassador of the project is family friend and tenor Jay Alexander who gave a beneficiary open-air concert in 2016.
Since then much has happened, more donators were gained to support the institution. The center is expected to open for the first children in spring 2018.

More about the project: Familienherberge Lebensweg


Project "Christmas charity 2014"

People are social beings. Lack of social interaction may lead to misunderstanding and mistrust. For asylum-seekers, it can be very difficult to integrate since they do not know the language.

If communication is possible, prejudices can be broken down, allowing for mutual understanding and acceptance!

Therefore, the company would like to thank their business partners and employees through social commitment. In the light of current events, we will not be giving presents but will instead donate money so that refugees in Karlsbad can attend German language courses.

Moreover, church-based organizations have pointed out the lack of in-kind donations. Specifically, used bicycles needed to be provided. Many Herrmann employees were readily prepared to donate bicycles for adults and children in good condition that were no longer in use.
Thank you all very much for your involvement in this project!

Christmas charity 2020

Nosso primeiro projeto está diretamente relacionado ao Natal e seu significado cristão. “Experimentar o Natal de novo" é uma iniciativa de fé e de esperança. O objetivo é transmitir um sinal de solidariedade, de esperança e fé no meio da crise, ultrapassando todos os limites de crenças, junto de pessoas e igrejas.

Nosso segundo projeto é direcionado para a luta contra a fome e os resíduos plásticos - dois assuntos do dia em que nós, enquanto empresa da indústria do plástico, nos queremos envolver mais. Para isto, estamos apoiando uma jovem startup suíça, no âmbito do programa "Herrmann cuida", para assegurar uma refeição quente para pessoas na Nicarágua, no Gana e na Índia, que se dediquem à coleta de garrafas plásticas. Buy Food with Plastic



Project "Christmas charity 2015"

At the annual general meeting of the wvib (Wirtschaftsverband Industrieller Unternehmen Baden e.V.), Herrmann Ultraschall was asked to name this year´s recipient of the wvib donation. According to the motto "companies help refugees", wvib member companies donated € 12.500.

Michael Nowotny as representative of the "Round Table Asylum and Refugee Tasks Karlsbad" received the check at the annual meeting of the wvib in Baden-Baden. The money is intended for hiring a staff person coordinating all refugee related tasks. In addition, Herrmann Ultraschall’s Christmas donation 2015 will also go towards the refugee relieve work of the city of Karlsbad, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 

Project "Karlsbad Summer Camp"

Already since 2010, Herrmann Ultraschall supports the holiday programs of the community of Karlsbad by supplying the participating children with T-shirts.
Due to generous donations of many local companies, the summer camp activities could be extended year after year. 

Children of Karlsbad' schools are excited about a large selection of varied activities. No matter if tinkering, crafts work, or face painting, everybody can be creative. Also bike tours in the area or field trips to local farms make a lot of fun.

Projekt "Flower Power Musik Camp 2015“

In diesem Jahr wurde im Rahmen des Ferienprogramms der Gemeinde Karlsbad etwas ganz besonderes angeboten, das Flower Power Musik Camp. Eine Woche lang probten zahlreiche Kinder unter professioneller Anleitung die Stücke für ein Konzert.

Egal ob singen, klatschen, tanzen oder auch mit Instrument im kleinen Orchester – hier ist für jeden etwas dabei. Mit prominenter Unterstützung fand am Sonntag, dem 9.8.2015 bei sommerlich heißen Temperaturen und mit vielen begeisterten Zuhörern das Abschlusskonzert in der Klosterruine Frauenalb statt. Gerne zählt sich Herrmann Ultraschall zu den Sponsoren regionaler Jugendförderung.

For a good cause

Herrmann promotes voluntary work


At Herrmann, one third of the employees at the Karlsbad site are involved in voluntary work: in social areas such as the YMCA or DLRG, in sports and music clubs and cultural institutions. This is exactly in line with the average German population, who volunteer up to five hours a week - many of them for children and young people.

It is only through voluntary and unpaid work that many initiatives for the common good and health can be carried out at all.

Herrmann would like to reward this commitment and promote charitable work. The company provides an annual sponsorship sum - employees can use this to apply for financial support for their associations and organizations.

In addition, colleagues who belong to the volunteer fire department have permission from the management to leave their workplace immediately in the event of a fire emergency.

We're getting active!

Company e-bike for employees

Herrmann Ultraschall has added a company bike program to their mobility and health management program, called “JobBike” (German: JobRad). Employees can now lease regular bikes, e-bikes or pedelecs.
Do something for the environment and for your health! Use your bike to get to work and in your leisure time as well.

Our invitation: Become part of our team and get fit at the same time

Tough Mudder takes team building to the next level

Tough Mudder is an obstacle course that requires not only strength and endurance but also mental strength. This is not about winning or losing. It is a challenge that calls for collaboration and team spirit.

In 2017 the newly formed Herrmann mudder team took part in the “Tough Mudder Half”, Southern Germany - the enthusiasm was palpable, the memories lasting.

„Enorm in Form“ – special offer for employees

Employees are encouraged to get active following work hours at the ‘Enorm in Form’ fitness center. The gym is located just around the corner in the industrial zone in Ittersbach and offers excellent fitness facilities.

Click here for more information about the ‘Enorm in Form’ fitness center.

Table Tennis Team

Table tennis is fun and improves your coordination and concentration. It is a beautiful recreational sport – you only need racket, ball and table tennis table to get started.
In summer 2016, a company team was founded at Herrmann Ultraschall.

The motivated colleagues are excited to take part in various tournaments. They play
in a regional company league, which is divided in different groups, depending on
their technical skills.

Everyone can join and new players are always welcome!

FC Herrmann – soccer for fun

Company soccer tournaments have been taking place for many years. The Herrmann soccer team, with alternating team members, takes to the field on a regular basis.

No matter if young or old, everyone is invited to join the team. The active participation of co-workers and families is part of the fun.


“Get out of your office chair and put on your running shoes”

The B2Run is an annual corporate running event held in Karlsruhe. It’s a great opportunity for all co-workers to face a challenge together. 6 km running or walking, everyone can participate at their own speed.

The focus is on sports, fun and teambuilding. Running can become a shared fun experience and literally no one gets left behind!