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Astrid Herrmann

Astrid Herrmann

Histórias de sucesso

Por que usar a soldagem por ultrassom? Quais foram os fatores decisivos para escolher o ultrassom? Declarações dos clientes

Parceria. É algo que valorizamos.

Nossos contatos em faculdades e associações nos proporcionam valiosos impulsos. Para as feiras


This also benefits our charging stations, which power our two electric pool cars. So far, we have covered a total of 30.000 “solar kilometers” and avoided 5300 kg CO2 emissions. Looking for more ways to go green, we additionally have converted all ceiling spotlights from energy-saving bulbs to LED technology and installed a measuring system to determine the energy consumption in the production area. From the data, we hope to acquire energy saving concepts for our assembly line.

The picture shows our apprentices in front of the solar panels. Future in a twofold sense!


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