Packaging material

Ultrasonic sealing method for packaging materials 

You can book us! Courses are held at Herrmann Ultraschall, at your premises, or in one of our global Tech-Centers.
Foreign customers can attend the seminars in English. Seminar appointments on request.

  • Objectives and contents

    • Basic principles of ultrasonic sealing
    • Components of an ultrasonic sealing system
    • Focusing of energy: seam shapes and anvil profiles
    • Packaging materials: requirements and special features
    • Application optimization
  • Contact and enrollment at:

    Tel.: +49 7248 79-0
    E-mail: PK-seminar@herrmannultraschall.com

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Seminars 2017

Timetable Date Location Langugage
January – March Wednesday, 08.02.2017 Headquarters Karlsbad-Ittersbach German
Wednesday, 22.02.2017 Headquarters Karlsbad-Ittersbach English
Wednesday, 15.03.2017 Headquarters Karlsbad-Ittersbach German
Wednesday, 15.03.2017 Tech-Center Chavanod, France French
Thursday, 16.03.2017 Tech-Center Modena, Italy Italian
Thursday, 23.03.2017 Tech-Center Halmstad, Sweden Englisch
April – June Wednesday, 12.04.2017 Headquarters Karlsbad-Ittersbach German
Thursday, 20.04.2017 Tech-Center Modena, Italy Italian
Wednesday, 17.05.2017 Headquarters Karlsbad-Ittersbach German
Thursday, 15.06.2017 Tech-Center Modena, Italy Italian
Wednesday, 28.06.2017 Headquarters Karlsbad-Ittersbach German
July – September Wednesday, 05.07.2017 Headquarters Karlsbad-Ittersbach English
Wednesday, 19.07.2017 Headquarters Karlsbad-Ittersbach German
Wednesday, 13.09.2017 Headquarters Karlsbad-Ittersbach German
Thursday, 21.09.2017 Tech-Center Modena, Italy Italian
Thursday, 21.09.2017 Tech-Center Halmstad, Sweden English
October – December Wednesday, 11.10.2017 Headquarters Karlsbad-Ittersbach English
Wednesday, 18.10.2017 Headquarters Karlsbad-Ittersbach German
Wednesday, 15.11.2017 Headquarters Karlsbad-Ittersbach German
Wednesday, 22.11.2017 Tech-Center Chavanod, France French
Wednesday, 13.12.2017 Headquarters Karlsbad-Ittersbach German

Seminars Packaging 2017_ENG

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