Lab calender for nonwoven materials
Lab calender for nonwoven materials

Ultrasonic laboratory nonwovens

Here, we perform concrete evaluation of weld tasks and definition of the weld process. Feasibility is assessed and tested in the laboratory environment, based on the criteria below:

  • Definition of the process type (laminating, cutting, embossing) and the anvil drum design
  • Microscope inspection of the weld zones
  • Evaluation of tightness, strength, breathability, hand feel
  • Graph of the weld process including all parameters
  • Collection of facts for technical project design
  • Application consulting

    • Basic tests for verification of weldability of materials
    • Early consulting with regard to processconfiguration and selection of nonwoven materials
    • Consulting with regard to pattern design of engraving anvil drums


    Weld process development

    • Preparation of weld concepts
    • Development and manufacturing of application-specific weld tools
    • Identification of process parameters and the process frame



    Application optimization

    • Trials and tests in partnership with the customer
    • Optimization of weld tools
    • Validation of the test results by tensile tests, sealing tests using penetration substances, water column test, high-speed camera, microtome cuts, microscopy, thermography
    • Performance, documentation and evaluation of test series (DOE = design of experiments)
    • Identification of maximum process speeds



  • Test rigs

    • Design and configuration of application-specific test rigs
    • Near-production tool layout
    • Inspection of the drive concept
    • Integration of technical application-specific measuring instruments


    Prototype production


    • Quality control and consumer tests
    • Release by marketing division
    • Validation by the customer


    Contract manufacturing 

    • Small series production





Online inquiry – please use the form to describe your project.

Application inquiry nonwovens

Customer data

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The trend for increasing production speeds has also spread to laboratories and testing facilities. For technical information on our lab calender and rotary anvils, please see below.

  • Properties   

    • Up to three ultrasonic units installed in a row
    • Weld widths up to 18.9" / max. 480 mm
    • Web material widths up to 19.7" / max. 500 mm
    • Web material speeds up to 2600 ft/min / max. 800 m/min
    • Diameter of material coils up to 39.4" / max. 1000 mm
    • Coil core diameter:
    • up to 3" / max.. 76 mm for three unwinders
    • up to 6" / max.. 152 mm for three unwinders



    Rotary anvils

    A large number of different anvil drum structures is available in our technical application laboratory. Customized production of test anvil drums according to special customer requirements is also possible.

    • Test rings with a width of 4" / max. 100 mm
    • Steel anvil drums with a width of 13.8" / max. 350 mm or a width of 19.7" / max. 500 mm

Examples for sonotrodes and anvil drum profiles

  • Perforation of wound dressings using ultrasonics
    Stationary sonotrode for perforation of wound dressings
  • Rotary sonotrode for embossing and laminating of web material
    Rotary sonotrode for embossing and laminating of web material
  • Laminating and embossing of nonwoven material using ultrasonics
    Twin sonotrode for laminating and embossing of nonwoven material using ultrasonics
  • Continuous welding of web materials
    Continuous welding of web materials
  • Separating of grating material ensuring clean edges
    Separating of grating material ensuring clean edges
  • Perforation of silicone for wound dressings
    Perforation of silicone for wound dressings
  • Graphic  display - oscillation properties of a sonotrode
    Graphic display showing oscillation properties of a 35 kHz RSD sonotrode
  • Overview of process limits
    Overview of process limits