There are many good reasons for ultrasonic sealing.

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There are so many reasons to rely on Herrmann Ultraschall's ultrasonic technology when sealing plastics. Simply because ultrasonic sealing is a technology that, when it comes to packaging, provides answers to the central challenges of our time. Because ultrasonic sealing saves everything that is precious today and will remain precious tomorrow:

  • Energy
  • Material
  • Time
  • Waste
  • Resources
  • Food

At Interpack, get to know more about this technology, which offers such great advantages - especially when it comes to producing ever more sustainably. Book your appointment with our experts.


  • Up to 75% energy saving
  • No standby consumption and no heating up of tools


  • Optically flawless
  • Low reject rate
  • Increased amount of hermetic packages


  • up to 20x less waste
  • Smaller headspace volume


  • Integrated process control
  • Sealing of mono materials


  • High machine output
  • Short sealing time (long-term savings)


  • Up to 100 % leakproof
  • Increased shelf life


We are ultrasonic experts and guide you through the process every step of the way.

We consider ourselves as your technology partner and solution specialist. Our goal is to increase the efficiency and quality of your application - for sustainable and environmentally compatible processes. As the market leader, we rely on our ultrasonic expertise gained from over 1,500 successfully established applications per year, long-standing technology partnerships and the results from our more than 40 high-tech laboratories worldwide. Moreover, we offer a product portfolio that meets the highest quality standards - Made in Germany.

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