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Our measures for protection against COVID-19

Welcome to our premises, thank you for visiting. Even in times of the corona pandemic, personal meetings are unavoidable. To ensure a safe environment for staff and visitors, we apply the following protective measures, which are based on the generally applicable measures:


3G Rule [Tested, Vaccinated, Recovered]

In our company, the 3G rule applies to visitors. Please present the relevant proof when registering.


Mandatory testing!

All non-vaccinated or non-recovered guests (customers, suppliers, applicants, etc.) must provide an official negativ Corona test. (The rapid test is valid for max. 24 hours / the PCR test for 48 hours.)

According to the law we are not allowed to offer catering to all guests who are not vaccinated or recovered. 

Minimum distance 1.5 meters

  • We don't shake hands and we always keep at least 1.5 meters distance from each other.
  • The minimum distance applies both in meetings and during meal breaks, as no protective masks can be worn during the breaks.
  • The lunch break takes place in three 25-minute time corridors in order to reduce the occupancy in the “Lounge”.
  • The smoking areas may only be used by a maximum of 2 persons at the same time.


Practicing hygiene

In all areas of the company you will find hand disinfectants in the form of hand dispensers or disinfection wipes. Use these products in addition to regularly washing your hands.

Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm and use disposable tissues. Wash your hands afterwards.


Wearing protective masks is mandatory

Masks are compulsory throughout the company. As a visitor, please wear an FFP2 mask (KN95/N95) or a medical/surgical mask. This also applies in meetings for the entire duration of the meeting. Masks are available at the reception. 


Regular airing

At least 1x per hour a room must be aired for 3–10 minutes with the window(s) wide open (in small offices and meeting rooms 2x per hour).