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For over 60 years, we have been passionate about connections. Strong connections between materials, but also with the people around us. As a team, we love solving demanding challenges together with our customers. This passion drives us to achieve new levels of technical excellence and has made us the technology leader in ultrasonic welding. As a result, we solve more than 2,000 applications a year in the world's most dynamic markets, creating Ultrasonic Excitement worldwide. 

What makes Herrmann so special? What motivates us? We don't just want to bond materials, but most importantly the people behind them. From customers, partners and suppliers to employees and their families, all the way to our community, we want to bring together all those with whom we come into contact.

BONDING - MORE THAN MATERIALS is our central idea that unites us and drives us to perform at our best every day. It is the reason why our customers trust us. It is our WHY.


Thomas Herrmann honored with "Entrepreneur Of The Year" award

ULTRASAFE: the first ultrasonic welding machine with an industrially produced sound insulation.
The future headquarters of the Herrmann Group was set up in the new industrial area of the town of Karlsbad-Ittersbach, with an area of 1,800 m².
Introduction of the first Herrmann ultrasonic welding machines for thermoplastic parts: establishment of the first business division: PLASTICS.
The foundation of the company
Foundation of the company Walter Herrmann Elektronik und Elektromaschinenbau in Karlsbad-Langensteinbach.