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The secret of ultrasonic welding is focusing the ultrasound with an energy director. In this way, it is possible to generate heat and subsequently melt, restricted to a locally defined area, while using only little energy. Large-area contact surfaces are counterproductive; they require high power and only achieve undefined joining areas with poor strength.

Energy focusing is achieved by:

  • the energy director (ED)
  • sonotrode design
  • contouring of the anvil profile


Possibilities of energy focusing due to variations in sonotrode design

Focusing by the sonotrode shape (weld tool); e.g. during the ultrasonic staking process, the sonotrode assumes the task of energy concentration.
The centering tip serves as melting initiation aid.


Possibilities of energy focusing due to variations in anvil structures

Focusing by means of contouring of the anvil structure for web materials such as film, cardboard, and nonwovens. Local deformation is achieved by anvil or sonotrode contours.